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Snail Shell on Fence Post

Beechnut Photography

Beechnut Photography

Father of 5, Professor of Biology, Author of the science and faith blog TheNaturalHistorian.com and Photographer in spare time.

Hi, I'm a Professor of Biology during the day, photographer on my own time.  A botanist by training, I grew up in Western Colorado and California.  I've been in Ohio for the past 18 years though I try to get out west as much as possible.    

Most of my recent photos were shot with a Nikon D7200 DX format camera with a Nikon 18-300 mm lens typically with a circular polarizing lens or a Sigma 10-20 mm wide-angle lens

I am especially drawn to plants and insects as a subject but enjoy all aspects of nature photography.            

Contact me at historiaplantarum@gmail.com 

Australian Green Treefrog (Litoria caerulea)
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