Snail Shell on Fence Post

Beechnut Photography

Non-profit/Classroom Use

I encourage use of my photographs for science education and other non-profit uses by students, teachers or researchers. Images may be downloaded with watermark or you may contact me for access to un-watermarked original images for the lectures, scientific presentations, and school projects. The exception is if these images will be part of lectures or presentations that will be uploaded to the internet for potential commercial use by another party (eg. your lectures will be sold as part of an on-line course to benefit your college or university). In each case the citations of image source – Duff – in keeping with good scholarship is requested.

Non-profit organizations are also welcome to request use of photography usually free of charge with proper attribution.

Personal and Commercial Photo Licensing

Images may be licensed for personal (blogging, personal web design, fine art printing for individual resale) or commercial (company webpages, books, merchandise, magazines, etc.) by contacting me ( 

Please be aware that I do not allow my photos to be uploaded to sites that apply a blanket Creative Commons license (Wikipedia, Wikispaces or any “free” photo-stock sites) other than those I have contributed myself.

Social Media Use

You are more than welcome to share my photographs on personal (not for-profit) blogs, web pages and social media accounts without any prior permission as long as attribution is made by a link back to this page – Commercial use of my photographs in social media such as business page or product using an images is the same as a “commercial use” and requires licensing agreement and purchase.

Copyright notice

Unauthorized commercial infringements of my copyrighted images is prohibited and use may result in legal action to recover statutory damages as outlined in Title 17, § 504, of the United States copyright laws.

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